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Home Studies for Florida Residents

The first step in the adoption process is completing a home study and gaining approval to adopt. Our home study process is designed to be as fast and stress-free as possible. We will visit your home, conduct background checks, ask you to provide references, medical clearances, provide financial information and we will conduct a child abuse check.   The advice and consultation that we provide  during this time is unparalleled.  We delve into the type of birthmother situation you are seeking, we will provide many resources, and we will provide sage tips on how create an engaging and successful profile for presentation to birthmothers.   Adopt America offers extensive counseling on the adoption process. We provide referrals to other agencies and attorneys for matching.

Florida Statute 63.092 sets forth requirements of a home study which include:
(a) A home visit with the Intended Parents which includes an assessment of the home;

(b) Background records checks of the department’s central abuse registry; local criminal records checks; FBI/FDLE background fingerprint checks;

(c)Financial assessment of the intended adoptive parents;

(d) Documentation of counseling and education of the intended adoptive parents on adoptive parenting, adoption and the adoption process;

Rule 65C-15.028 of the Florida Administrative Code,  requires the following be addressed specifically  in each home study:

(a) The applicant’s motivation for adoption;

(b) The strengths, weaknesses and personal adjustment of each member of the household;

(c) The attitudes and feelings of the family, its extended family members, or significant others towards adoptive children;

(d) The attitudes of the applicants toward the birth parents and the reasons children may be in need of adoptive placement;

(e) The applicant’s plan for discussing adoption with the child;

(f) The applicant’s emotional stability and maturity;

(g) The applicant’s ability to cope with problems;

(h) The applicant’s capacity to give and receive affection;

(i) The applicant’s child caring skills;

(j) The adjustment of birth children, and previously adopted children, if appropriate;

(k) The applicant’s ability to provide financially for the child and other family members;

(l) A medical assessment identifying any medical problems which may limit the applicant’s ability to parent a child to adulthood;

(m) The applicant’s religious orientation, if any;

(n) The location and physical environment of the home;

(o) The plan for child care if the prospective adoptive parents both work outside the home;

(p) A recommendation in regard to the number, age, sex, characteristics, and special needs of the children who can be best served by the family;


Interstate Compact

Whenever you adopt a child who is born in another state from the one you reside in, the Interstate Compact Offices of the state where the baby is born and the state where you live must approve the adoption prior to the baby leaving the state where he/she was born. Adopt America provides Interstate Compact Services.

Post Placement Adoption Services

After your baby is born and prior to finalization of the adoption, every state has post placement requirements for assessment of how well you and the baby are adjusting. Adopt America provides these services.

Two scheduled post placement visits are required by the State of Florida.  These visits address your baby’s doctor’s visits, weight gain, eating and sleeping habits, developmental milestones, any health issues, and childcare issues.

Birth Parent Matching

Adopt America works directly with birth parents wishing to place their child for adoption. Our Executive Director works closely with adoptive parents and birth parents every step of the way.  Adopt America does not charge upfront fees for adoption matching services.  Fees are due upon entering into an adoption plan with a particular birthmother situation.  Adoption can be complex when different states are involved and Adopt America is adept at assessing the legal requirements of a particular adoption situation and assembling a team that has the expertise you need to have peace of mind that your adoption is being handled by the best.

During the matching process, our agency will present prospective adoptive parents with a summary of the birthmother and birth father background, social and medical history, family background, reasons for placement of baby, estimated expenses, and photograph/s of the birthmother.  Medical information will also be provided.  In addition, a summary of the legal process involved will  be provided to the prospective adoptive parents.  The birthmother will be provided with the profile of the prospective adoptive parent/s.  If both the birthmother and the adoptive parent/s feel that there might a good match, Adopt America will arrange to introduce the birthmother and adoptive parent/s.  If the birthmother and adoptive parents want to move forward with an adoption plan, Adopt America will oversee the entire process with the team including attorney/s, counselors, birth parents and adoptive parents.

Waiting Parents Website Posting

Adopt America offers waiting couples and individuals who have completed a home study the opportunity to post in our Waiting Parents section for a very low fee.